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Measurement and Analysis of Nanomaterials

Provides representative physico-chemical characterization analytical services of nanomaterials

S²NANO offers various laboratory services for the characterizations of nanoparticles (NPs) and assessments of their cytotoxicity. For example, core size measured by TEM; hydrodynamic size measured by NTA & DLS; dispersion stability measured by UV-Vis; chemical composition and concentrations by ICP-MS; surface functional group measured by Infrared and Raman were available as laboratory characterization services, while assessment of cytotoxicity of NPs are also available using flow cytometry, plate reader, fluorescence microscopy. Laboratory services of S²NANO helps researchers have comprehensive information about nanoparticles properties and their effects to cells which would contribute to safety assessment of nanomaterials.

Lab Equipment

NO. Name of Instrument Manufacturer / Model
1 ICP-MS PerkinElmer / NexION 300D
2 Microwave PerkinElmer / Titan PMS
3 NTA Malvern / NanosightLM10 & NS300
4 DLS / Zeta Potential Malvern / Nano-ZS90
5 UV-Vis Mecasys / Optizen POP
6 Fluorescence Microscope Logos Biosystem / CELENAS
7 Fluorescence Microscope Olympus / IX51
8 Plate Reader PROMEGA / GloMax Explorer
9 Flow Cytometry BD / Accuri C6