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Is your material NANO?

Unlike general chemical substances, nanomaterials may have different effects on human body and environment due to their size, shape, surface characteristics, etc. Therefore, additional substances are required to submit for nanomaterials.

In this regard, in the EU and Korea, the test items to be submitted depending on whether or not the nanomaterial is defined in the chemical management system may be changed. Therefore, the process of confirming whether or not the nanomaterial is used and manufactured is preferred.

EU REACH definition
K-REACH definition

According to the above definition, nanomaterials can be primarily judged according to size, size distribution, shape and carbon material, which are representative physical and chemical characteristic items, and other nano-specific physicochemical properties are used to judge environment and human health It is used as additional data.

In order to test the physicochemical properties of the nanomaterials presented above, a test method suitable for nanomaterials should be selected based on the accredited certification method such as ISO, OECD TG.

In this consultation, we provide services to guide appropriate test methods to confirm size, size distribution analysis and other physicochemical properties to confirm that the target substance corresponds to nanomaterial definition. In addition, it provides a service for checking whether nanomaterials are provided through contents “Measurement” provided by the datawarehouse.

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* In the "Measurement" of the datawarehouse, the results of TEM, DLS, NTA, ICP-MS held by each industry are inputted and it is judged whether they are within the size and size distribution range in the definition.

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