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Is your NANO “manageable”?

In Korea, registration of NMs is not mandatory under the related laws such as the act on the registration and evaluation, etc. of chemical substances, the toxic chemicals control act, the K-BPR(Biocidal Products Regulation), And the like.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment(MoE) has been carrying out a research project on the selection of essential test items to identify whether it is a regulated NMs and to select nano-specific test items for risk assessment in order to establish a registration system of NMs on K-REACH. In addition, the particle size and size distribution test items, and revised the "Guidance on Identification of Chemicals" in Korea based on the "Procedures for Registration of NMs" published by ECHA.

The EU has included the registration of NMs in accordance with REACH in order to make the nanomaterial safety management system the same as general chemical substances. It is expected that a bill will be introduced in 2020 to select NMs from the "Particle shape and size" section of the document when registering(existing) chemical substances and submit required physical and chemical characteristics test data. In 2017, 21 NMs or nano-forms were registered during the registration period of the existing chemical substances, and the basis for systematic policy preparation was obtained by requesting further physicochemical characteristics test data.

This consulting supports consulting in accordance with REACH and K-REACH, from identification of nanomaterials to confirmation of safe use of products in order to respond to safety management regulation trends of these nanomaterials and containing products.

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