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ACEnano Introduction
Posted by 이승철 2017.01.16


Analytical and Characterization Excellence in Nanomaterial Risk Assessment

*European Union Funding Program (H2020)

Four essential components needed to deliver Analytical excellence and the enduser confidence demanded to support risk assessment of NMs, as well as associated issued. 

In the light of the expansion of nanomaterials (NMs) usage in today’s world, the safety of nano-enabled products development has been being of great urgency. At the heart of the urgency, challenges to conduct reliable and reproducible characterization of NMs given their wide diversity and nature is reclined, especially in complex environments. ACEnano is a consortium with an impressive and substantial partnership of 28 experts from research and industry in Europe and Asia which has vision to address the challenge by introducing confidence, adaptability and clarity into NM risk assessment by developing a widely implementable and robust tiered approach to NM physicochemical characterization that will simplify and facilitate contextual (hazard or exposure) description and its transcription into a reliable NMs grouping framework.

The ACEnano concept of tiered method toolbox building, mirrored by training and a data toolbox.

The vision will be actualized by the creation of a “conceptual toolbox” including a tiered approach to cost efficient NMs analysis that will facilitate decision-making in choice of techniques and SOPs, linked to a characterisation ontology framework for grouping and risk assessment. ACEnano will initiate activities to support data collection, management, interpretation and delivery to a data warehouse for safe use & storage. It will thus underpin the future of NM quality control, labelling and anti-counterfeiting.

Industry-university cooperation foundation Hanyang University (HYU), TO21 Co.Ltd (TO21), and OSCube (OSC) are the members of ACEnano which have different specific task.

a)   Hanyang University will participate in analytical innovation (Synchrotron-based X-ray SpectroMicroscopy Techniques (STXM, TXM and etc.)), interlaboratory comparisons and benchmarking and predictive nanotoxicology

b)   TO21 Co.Ltd (TO21) will participate in linking ontology and methodology and dissemination and collaborations

c)   OSCube  will participate in method benchmarking and training and dissemination and


-by Desy Maulina