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About S²NANO

About S²NANO

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Safe & Sustainable Nanotechnology: S²NANO

S²NANO is a research community for the safe & sustainable (eco-friendly) development of nanosciences and nanotechnologies.

S²NANO is a research group which has been making contribution to the sustainable prosperity of mankind through nanotechnology. In the field of research that the development and commercialization of nano-science and technology have recently been developed rapidly, we consider the safety and sustainability aspects of consumers, researchers, workers and ultimately human health/ safety/ environment.

To this end,
  • S²NANO provides the necessary information to the various stakeholders (such as professional groups who participate in Nanoscience/technology research and development as well as nano-products distributors, businesses, consumers etc.) and hosts the forum to share the information.
  • Development and policy trend research which are resulted from the scientist, engineer research groups create contribution to help you make decisions and policies about nano-environment, health, safety area as well as contribution to develop commercializing safe, sustainable nanotechnology and nano-products.
  • Through the various activities of the research group, we would like to contribute to sustainable development of humankind through the nanotechnology.